Elective Description
The biller will need to have taken the complete Medical Billing and Coding course before taking this class. The course will outline submitting claims electronically to insurance companies, private and government-administered insurance companies, HMOs, and PPOs. The student will learn the advantage of homebased-ability, which cuts office lease expenses down to nothing. Students will learn which healthcare provider to market including, family practitioners, providers of every specialty from geriatrics to pediatrics, chiropractors and osteopaths, obstetricians and oncologists, proctologists and podiatrists. You can target mental health professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists. And don’t forget the groups of providers not normally associated with doctoring, such as dentists, social workers, nursing homes, ambulance services, pharmacists, home-health practitioners, providers of durable medical equipment and providers of bionic body parts. The Learner will know what office equipment will be needed such as: computer system with modem and printer, fax machine, billing and EHR (electronic health records) software and/or business opportunity fee, reference materials, CMS 1500 & UB-04 forms, phone, voice mail or answering machine, stationery and office supplies, postage, complete business opportunity package, which can include lead generation, seminars, marketing help and hold-your-hand technical support along with the software, and hiring a clearinghouse–the companies that receive and transmit claims electronically.


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Completion Rules

  • All units must be completed

Medical Billing & Coding Bundle – $4500.00
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