Students gain experience in using CPT and ICD-D-10 codebooks with emphasis placed on billing correctly for the right procedures at the correct amount. The student will prepare mock insurance claims for various types of insurance providers. The main focus for this course will be the collection of patient data which will lead to the completion of Medicare claims, ultimately resulting in, posting charges to the billing software, submitting claims electronically, and once payment is made, posting payments, creating patient statements, following up on insurance and patient aging, and finally monitoring monthly financial reports. All necessary steps to ensuring doctors are getting paid for services rendered.


  • CPT Coding Course
  • CIII-MOD 1 History & Purpose of the CPT Manual.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 2 Format of the CPT Manual & CPT Codes.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 3 Evaluation & Management Section.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 4 Anesthesia Section.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 5 Surgery Section.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 6 Radiology Section.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 7 Radiology & Laboratory Section.pdf
  • CIII-MOD 8 Medicine Section.pdf
  • CPT Coding Quiz

Completion Rules

  • All units must be completed

Medical Billing & Coding Bundle – $4500.00
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